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Leap Learning Labs

Leap Learning has developed a new educational method using technology to enable children to learn to learn, where and whoever they are in the world. We are combining technology and hands on games into a flipped classroom (Leap Learning Labs) with stations, to ensure that all children can learn at their own level and in their own pace.


Literacy Labs


The Literacy Lab is a room with nine colourful stations, each representing an area within Literacy. The Literacy Lab has the following stations:


1. Logic
2. Letter Sounds
3. Listening to Stories
4. Letter Shapes
5. Writing

6. Blending
7. Words
8. Sentences and Reading
9. Reading Stories


Numeracy Labs

In addition to the Literacy Lab we have also developed a Numeracy Lab. As the Literacy Lab, the Leap Learning Numeracy Lab is also separated into colourful stations, each representing an area within Numeracy. These are the Numeracy Lab stations:


5. Multiplication & Division
6. Measures
7. Concepts
8. Mixed Math & Word Games

1. Logic
2. Numbers
3. Addition
4. Subtraction


Progressive Learning