Leap Learning has developed a new educational method using technology to enable children to learn to learn, where and whoever they are in the world. We are combining technology and hands on games into a flipped classroom (Leap Learning Labs) with stations, to ensure that all children can learn at their own level and in their own pace.

Our concept with more than 300 apps, focusing on logic, literacy and numeracy, is available in English, Somali, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swahili and Spanish. We have also released a full set of entrepreneurship apps. Our concept can easily be translated and adapted to various local contexts and languages fitting all age groups. We have, for several years, worked out in the field developing and promoting technology in education. The Leap Learning Lab is a state of the art and cost effective plug and play solution solving the educational challenges all over the world, as in crisis situations, refugee camps and less developed countries. The educational solution is here!


  • Logic, Sounds and Listen to stories stations
The Literacy Lab is a room with nine colourful stations, each representing an area within Literacy. The Literacy Lab has the following stations:

  1. Logic
  2. Letter Sounds
  3. Listening To Stories
  4. Letter Shapes
  5. Writing
  1. Blending
  2. Words
  3. Sentences And
    Reading Comprehension
  4. Reading Stories


  • Numbers, Addition and Subtraction stations
In addition to the Literacy Lab we have also developed a Numeracy Lab. As the Literacy Lab, the Leap Learning Numeracy Lab is also separated into colourful stations, each representing an area within Numeracy. These are the Numeracy Lab stations:

  1. Logic
  2. Numbers
  3. Addition
  4. Subtraction
  1. Multiplication & Division
  2. Measures
  3. Concepts
  4. Mixed Math & Word Games


The Leap Learning Lab package includes the following:

  • Tablets + headsets, ready installed with about 300 apps, categorized for each station and with a custom launcher app to prevent the children from accessing anything else on the tablet.
  • Hands-on games (puzzles, spelling games etc).
  • Colourfull mats for each of the 9 stations.
  • Banners and station cards.
  • Training videos and how to set up the lab.
  • App-book for tracking the childrens' development.
  • License to our Leap App Store app and access to all our apps
  • Setup of the lab and follow-up
  • One week training

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details!

The Leap Learning lab comes as a complete package, or can also be used in parts.

Bring your own device (BYOD):
The apps can also be delivered as a package with launcher app for Android tablets, or via Appstore for iOS devices and Google Play for Android Devices.


Leap Learning offers a unique collection of educational apps. We have developed more than 500 unique apps for basic literacy, numeracy, logic and entrepreneurship. You can get the hold of our apps in various ways:

Leap Webapps
You can play our apps in any web browser on any newer device (such as PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone and Android devices). To use our webapps, you need Internet connection, and we recommend playing over WiFi to avoid using your cellular data. The apps are available at webapps.leaplearning.no. To play the apps, you will need a license. You can buy a license here. webapps_250px

Leap App Store
The Leap App Store app is our own App Store app where you can download our Android applications. This app is specially developed to go along with our Leap Learning Lab Concept. You can download our Leap App Store app from Google Play, but you will need a license to log in and download our apps. Contact us at post@leaplearning.no to buy a license for the Leap App Store app and/or to get more information about our Leap Learning Lab concept. leapAppStore_250px

App Store and Google Play

Some of our apps are also available on Apple's App Store and Google Play. You can see a selection of these apps by clicking on the following buttons:

appstore_250px googlePlay_250px


Leap Learning is a perfect match if your company is looking for a CSR project! In India we are proud to have partnered with Hydro for their CSR project in Kuppam, Andra Pradesh. The parntership has resulted in two Literacy Labs in which the school children are drastically improving their English Literacy skills.

If you think this can be something for your company, we are very interested to hear from you!


In addition to being used in approximately 200 schools in Norway, our educational apps are also being used as part of our Leap Learning Labs concept.

The Leap Learning Lab concept is used by ourselves and with partners in these countries:

Africa Asia Europe South America
16 in The Gambia (12 Literacy & 4 Numeracy)
8 in Niger
4 in Kenya (3 Literacy & 1 Numeracy)
4 in Zanzibar (Tanzania - 2 Literacy & 2 Numeracy)
2 in Somalia
2 in Uganda (1 Literacy & 1 Numeracy)
1 in Burundi
1 in Ethiopia
1 in Ghana
1 in Malawi
1 in Nigeria
1 in Sierra Leone
1 in Zambia
1 in Zimbabwe
3 in India
1 in Laos
1 in Pakistan
2 in Norway
1 in Turkey
1 in Brazil
Opening soon
27 in The Gambia (during 2019)


The Leap Learning Labs concept and our 300 educational apps can easily be translated and localized to any language and curriculum. Our apps are already translated to English, Norwegian, Portuguese, French, Somali, Spanish and Swahili.

If you have any request for a specific language, please be in touch.

Children at the Leap Learning Lab Image: From a Leap Learning Lab in India.


The Leap Learning Hotspot consists of a rugged Android tablet with all our apps preinstalled. The tablet will be installed in a metal frame and mounted on a wall. The hotspot is intended for outdoor usage and will be available for the residents in the area for free.

As part of the Innovation Norway’s VISION 2030 initiative, we are now expanding and piloting to establish Leap Learning Hotspots in rural areas of the world.

If you want to learn more about our Hotspots or set up one in your area, do not hesitate to contact us!


We know seeing is believing. If you want to visit one of our labs, please be in touch!

If you want to start a Learning Lab, sponsor a Learning Lab, volunteer or be a part of our educational journey in any way, we would like to hear from you.

Please send us an email at

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Leap Learning is a Norwegian company with more than 10 years of experience working with educational solutions. For our projects in developing countries, we collaborate closely with the foundation Africa Startup.

We are running educational projects in cooperation with Save the Children, UNHCR, ADRA and Hydro.